Why Fatherhood is a Rewarding Adventure

Why Fatherhood Suits You Well

Whether it’s helping them make healthy decisions before conceiving to caring for their children, playing with them, and even counseling them through tough times, fathers are a valuable part of a child’s life. It’s a job that doesn’t require a salary or health insurance, but it’s one that can be worth the sleepless nights.

1. You’re a good father

Few things change a man as much as becoming a father. It’s a huge responsibility and one that many men don’t do well.

A good father is honest with his children. He also treats his wife and kids with respect. He is open to new ideas and possibilities. He listens to his children’s problems and concerns. A good father is selfless and righteous. He knows the difference between good and evil.

2. You’re a good husband

Fatherhood demands dedication and commitment to your family. It’s a 24 hour job, and it is exhausting. But it is also gratifying, especially when you are patient and invested.

Moreover, like Tony Stark upgrading his Iron Man suits to fit new threats and environments, you are constantly learning how to improve your fathering skills.

As a result, your family is always getting better and better! And your relationship with your wife is strengthened too.

3. You’re a good friend

Being a dad means you spend the majority of your time with little kids. You probably don’t get much gaming in, or any time to yourself, but the hugs and kisses and new words and joyful moments are so worth it.

Being a father means you’re doing what’s most important in life, and you love your family more than anything. Despite the poo, puke and minimal sleep, you’ll cherish every moment of it.

4. You’re a good worker

Fatherhood is a full-time job that demands a lot of time and energy. But if you’re a good worker, it won’t interfere with your work performance.

However, many working fathers face challenges in their workplaces because they are unable to fully shift from ideal worker norms to involved fatherhood. They are wary of career penalties for taking flexible work patterns (Reimer, 2019; Tanquerel & Grau-Grau, 2020). They also may lack support from their organizations.

5. You’re a good listener

Becoming a father enriches your world with more than you could have imagined. It changes everything, colors it, complicates it, brings joy and frustration, pride and fatigue. It’s just like Iron Man’s suit: constantly evolving, upgrading, adjusting to new threats and environments.

Fatherhood isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. We hope you find these father quotes inspiring and use them in your Father’s Day card, text message or scrapbook caption!

6. You’re a good disciplinarian

Traditionally, dads have tended to discipline their kids harshly (think the cliche “wait till your father gets home”). But parenting is changing and research shows that dads can use positive methods of discipline that are just as effective as mums.

Rather than just telling a child off, be sure to give a reason for the rule and help them connect their actions with consequences. Check out our fatherhood guide for more information and advice.

7. You’re a good provider

A strong and stable financial foundation is important to a family. Fathers value a secure source of income and enjoy the sense of security it provides.

Program participants also recognized the importance of a steady income, but they noted that financial provision should not be the only definition of effective fatherhood. Fathers are a good provider when they work to meet their own needs as well as those of their families.

8. You’re a good leader

Men who are actively involved in their children’s lives show that they have the leadership skills necessary to be a guiding force. Much like Tony Stark constantly upgrading his suits, men who are active fathers can adapt to meet their children’s needs and provide a steadfast guiding hand.

For some, this might mean re-working their work schedules to allow for more quality time with their kids. For others, it might be counseling focused on fatherhood and/or providing opportunities for group discussions with other fathers.

9. You’re a good friend

Being a father is a big responsibility, and it takes up a lot of your time. This can leave you with little time to focus on your relationships with other people.

But, if you’re patient and invest in your relationships with your children, fatherhood can be one of the most rewarding experiences of your life. So, enjoy the diaper changes, milk bottle refills, and sing-alongs – they’re all part of the adventure!

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