Struggles of single parenting and the heartfelt journey of a widowed father.

Fatherhood Liz (Movie Review)

Fatherhood is an affable dramedy anchored by a charming performance from Hart. Freed of his usual reliance on immature material, he delivers an honest and believable turn.

Matt Logelin’s life changes drastically when his wife, Liz, dies from a pulmonary embolism shortly after their daughter Maddy’s birth. Various obstacles present themselves as Matt attempts to compartmentalize his grief and raise Maddy on his own.

Adapted from a True Story

Kevin Hart, known for his raucous comedy work in films like ‘Jumanji,’ ‘Die Hard,’ and ‘Central Intelligence,’ is impressive in his dramatic turn as Matt Logelin. He handles the film’s hefty themes of loss, grief and single parenthood with grace. His daughter Maddy (played by newcomer Melody Hurd) is a spunky, spirited little girl who is full of life.

Alfre Woodard, who gives a memorable performance as Liz’s mother Marian, is also a standout. She conveys equal measures of empathy and stubbornness, making her an audience favourite. Other cast members include Frankie R. Faison, Anthony Carrigan, DeWanda Wise and Lil Rey Howery. Fatherhood is a heartwarming true story that’s sure to tug at your emotions. Stream it on Netflix now.

Directed by Paul Weitz

Fatherhood is the latest film from comedy icon Kevin Hart, and it can make you cry one minute, and in hysterics the next. Hart plays Matt Logelin, a Boston tech worker who struggles to raise his daughter Maddy after her mother dies in childbirth.

Adapted from Matthew Logelin’s memoir, Fatherhood is a feel-good movie that’s sure to pull at your heart strings. The movie stars a talented cast, including Alfre Woodard and Frankie R. Faison, who deliver powerful performances.

The film is a funny and heartwarming drama that tackles difficult issues like grief and single parenthood. While the movie isn’t particularly adventurous or groundbreaking, Hart’s against-type performance makes it worth watching. Weitz avoids letting the film become too saccharine or on the nose. It also captures the new-parent contradiction of needing help from others but not wanting unsolicited input.

Starring Kevin Hart

Despite its tragic origins, Fatherhood liz is ultimately a heartwarming movie that highlights the struggles of single parenting. The film stars Kevin Hart as Matt Logelin, a man struggling to raise his daughter after the death of his wife. The movie is based on Matt Logelin’s memoir, and the story centers on his wife, Liz, who died from a pulmonary embolism after an emergency C-section.

The film opens with a shell-shocked Matt at his wife’s funeral, and the film jumps back and forth between her death and his struggle to become a father. The movie also focuses on his weird but loyal friends Jordan (Lil Rel Howery) and Oscar (Anthony Carrigan).

Hart delivers a performance that is both funny and touching, as the film manages to balance drama and comedy well. It’s a welcome departure from his usual fare, and the movie is sure to leave you in tears.

Written by Dana Stevens

While Fatherhood may not reach the heights of a truly great drama, it succeeds in eliciting real emotion thanks to its well-written script and an excellent supporting cast. The film centers around Matt and his daughter Madeline. The two were high school sweethearts who had dated long-distance for several years. Unfortunately, after delivering their daughter, Liz died from a pulmonary embolism.

Unlike many other movies with comedians as the lead, Weitz and co-writer Dana Stevens aim for sincerity. During the opening scenes of Liz’s funeral and flashbacks, you can see Matt searching for jokes but he does a remarkable job of holding his own against veterans like Alfre Woodard and Frankie Faison.

Fatherhood takes on the stereotype that men can’t raise children alone head-on and does a fine job of it. It’s a heartwarming story that’s both funny and touching.

Released on Netflix

Despite Hart’s frequent whining about what can and cannot be joked about, the comedian does a nice job in Fatherhood. He’s more deadpan than usual, but he’s a natural in the lead role of Matt Logelin, a go-getter who loses his wife to a birth complication.

The film avoids the biggest melodramatic swings, focusing instead on the daily challenges that come with raising a child. From Maddy’s tussle with her Catholic school’s dress code to her playground injury, Weitz and the cast deliver a series of relatable parenting struggles that feel vital in the moment. The film also features performances from Alfre Woodard, Frankie R. Faison, Lil Rel Howery, and DeWanda Wise. Adapted from Matthew Logelin’s memoir Two Kisses for Maddy, Fatherhood is the first movie to come out of Hart’s first-look deal with Netflix.