Fatherhood: A Heartwarming Journey

Fatherhood – The Fatherhood Series

After his wife dies the day of their daughter’s birth, Matt (Kevin Hart) takes on fatherhood alone in this heart-tugging Netflix movie. Higher Ground Productions presents the movie, starring Hart and a solid supporting cast including Lil Rel Howery, Alfre Woodard, Frankie Faison and Melody Hurd.

Director Paul Weitz offers a sincere interpretation of the ups and downs of single parenthood, with Hart demonstrating dramatic acting chops.

1. Fatherhood: A Collection of Essays

Fatherhood is a heart-tugging Netflix movie that gives Kevin Hart an opportunity to show off his dramatic acting chops. It features a strong ensemble cast including Lil Rel Howery, Alfre Woodard, Melody Hurd, and Anthony Carrigan.

Whether it’s writing about his son, the Prince of Fashion, or a visit to Men’s Fashion Week in Paris, Chabon illuminates the magic and mysteries of fatherhood in these essays. Warmhearted and humorous, these essays are also insightful and wise on this most intimate of topics.

The author of Manhood for Amateurs and a number of other novels, Chabon’s reflections on fatherhood are eloquent, generous, very Californian (he lives in Berkeley), and full of warm, often humorous anecdotes. But the arc of this collection is less about taking on responsibility than letting go of it as your children leave the nest and forge their own relationships. It’s about the ebb and flow of life, with all its surprises and hardships.

2. Fatherhood: A Work in Progress

The Fatherhood series explores the challenges and rewards of being a dad today. It also examines how organizations are leveraging the pandemic to innovate and adapt their fatherhood engagement work.

The latest entry in Netflix’s Fatherhood series delivers a tearjerking yet heartwarming story about a single dad who raises his daughter after the death of his wife. Written and directed by Paul Weitz, the film stars Kevin Hart as Matt Logelin, whose life is rocked by the pulmonary embolism death of his wife Liz (Them’s Deborah Ayorinde).

As the father of three children, he must learn how to balance career and family responsibilities while being a role model for his daughters. Featuring interviews with stay-at-home dads, athletes, and celebrities like Clarke Gayford, husband of New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. This digital essay was produced in partnership with the Washington, DC-based nonprofit The Fatherhood Council. The Council is a collaborative, transformational group that includes state and local providers, academics and dads with lived experience.

3. Fatherhood: A Love Story

When Fatherhood arrived on Netflix just in time for Father’s Day, it skyrocketed to the top of the streaming site’s most watched movies. Starring Kevin Hart, the film reveals the heartbreaking story of a man raising his daughter after her mother dies shortly after she was born.

It can be difficult to imagine comedians successfully navigating dramatic roles, but Hart and director Paul Weitz pull it off with flying colors. One scene in particular that stands out is when Matt takes his daughter to her first doctor’s visit and the physician reassures him that he is doing an amazing job and that his wife would be so proud of him.

These and many other stories in the series show that there is a wide range of emotions connecting men and their offspring, from tenderness and devotion to anxiety and incomprehension. They also demonstrate how a father’s relationship to his child can be more than just about financial support.

4. Fatherhood: A Journey of Discovery

A heartwarming drama, Fatherhood is a sweetly spirited film that presents Kevin Hart the opportunity to show off his dramatic acting chops. Its premise may be somewhat familiar, but the movie’s honesty and sincerity in painting the ups and downs of parenting makes it an emotionally engaging watch.

It’s always a gamble when a comedian takes on a dramatic role, but Hart proves he can handle the weight of his character. He elicits a range of emotions throughout the film, from moments of sadness to the joy of seeing his daughter grow up and develop her own personality.

Paul Weitz directs from a screenplay by Weitz and Dana Stevens. It stars Hart as Matthew Logelin, a man whose wife, Liz (Them’s Deborah Ayorinde), dies shortly after their daughter’s birth. Lil Rel Howery and Anthony Carrigan round out the cast. The film is produced through Hart’s HartBeat Productions and is presented by Obama’s Higher Ground Productions. It was released on Friday, June 18, just before Father’s Day.

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