Family-Friendly Sitcoms and Original Series on Nick at Nite

Nick at Nite

Nick at Nite primarily airs old sitcom reruns. It has also developed original series such as Fatherhood, an animated show based on the Bill Cosby book.

The network also runs a variety of specials, including the Do-It-Yourself Sitcom Special, which gave viewers a chance to submit their own sitcom ideas.

About the Show

Nick at Nite was once a network that ran a variety of original shows. Its original animated series Fatherhood was based on Bill Cosby’s book of the same name. Other notable original series included See Dad Run, a sitcom about parents who run away with their kids and Hi-Jinks, an animated show that features families who pull pranks on each other. The channel also aired a reality competition called The Search for the Funniest Mom in America.

It starred Katey Sagal, who also starred in The Cosby Show and was in a Tyler Perry production. Another cast member of the show was Blair Underwood, who appeared in two episodes of The Cosby Show and one episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. In addition to original animated shows, Nick at Nite formerly ran a variety of short-lived live-action series. The network also used to run a wide variety of different idents, which were a mixture of limited animation, claymation and stop motion.


The show centers on Dr. Arthur Bindlebeep and his family as they try to make their home a happy place. He tries his best to be a good dad for his children, but it is not always easy.

He is aided in his efforts by his wife, Norma. Though she may be a bit of a brat, she genuinely loves her kids. She is also a good friend to the neighbors, helping them when needed.

Nick at Nite is the evening and overnight programming block for Nickelodeon that offers classic TV shows, mostly from the 1980s and 1990s, restored to their original graphic quality. It also features newer sitcoms. It is a spin-off of TV Land, which specializes in older comedy.


A rerun block that airs Sunday – Thursday and Friday – Saturday, Nick at Nite appeals to adult viewers with a lineup of classic television shows from the 1980s and 1990s. It also features a few original series, like Fatherhood, an animated sitcom based on Bill Cosby’s book of the same name.

The show revolves around high school science teacher Arthur Bindlebeep, his wife Norma, and their three kids Angie, Roy, and Katherine. It’s a gentler cartoon than most, with family stories that typically end with a lesson learned.

The show is a regular fixture on the schedule. It features a mix of difficult guests, dinners-gone-awry, and tender moments.


With a median age of 17, Nick at Nite reaches a demographic coveted by advertisers. During the prime time hours of 9 and 10 p.m., broadcast networks focus on reality shows and dramas, leaving Nick at Nite with an opening to air family-friendly sitcoms.

Fatherhood, based on Bill Cosby’s book of the same name, aired on Nick at Nite from 2004 to 2005. The show revolved around Arthur Bindlebeep and his wife Norma, their children Angie, Roy, and Katherine, and the family dog, Guinness. The show was a gentler alternative to other animated Sit Coms, and aimed to teach viewers life lessons.

One episode, for example, featured Walt trying to entrap Jess by luring her to a racetrack with the promise of a second chance. But she foiled his plan by employing her favorite childhood tactic: a crowbar. This was just one of many episodes that showcased the strong chemistry between Jess and Nick.

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