Celebrating Fatherhood Through Music and Events

Lecrae Promoting Fatherhood Through Hip Hop

Lecrae is a Christian rapper who blends hip hop with Biblical messages. He has received multiple Grammy and Dove Award nominations, including Artist of the Year. He has also worked to promote responsible fatherhood and has partnered with Dwyane Wade, Joshua DuBois, and others.

DJ Mick Batyske has performed at events for LeBron James, Kanye West, Jay Z and Michelle Obama. He keeps his young son in sight at parties by using a makeshift baby monitor on his phone.

Music Selection

There is something special about the father-child bond that has inspired countless musicians to create heartwarming and poignant songs. From the celebratory to the sorrowful, these songs highlight the complexities of this relationship and the impact it can have on personal growth and development.

Whether you’re looking for a catchy country tune, a beautiful ballad with emotional lyrics, or a rock song that will get everyone moving, this playlist has something for every type of dad. Choosing a mix of nostalgic and contemporary songs will help you create a playlist that captures the past, present, and future of your relationship with your dad.

Featuring funky horns and driving percussion, Color Him Father is a classic funk and soul track that speaks to the power of fatherhood in our lives. This song’s timeless message of love and gratitude has stood the test of time, resonating with listeners across generations. The track’s lyrics also explore themes of resilience and determination, a testament to the strength of the bond between father and child.


Being a father can be tough. But it can also be incredibly rewarding. One of the best things about being a father is watching your kids grow up and learn about life. And nothing is more heartwarming than seeing your kids do well in school. Having a good relationship with your children is important, and if you are a DJ, being able to play music for your kids can help make the relationship even stronger.

Owner and operator of local entertainment lighting and sound company, Fatherhood dj, Manuel Medina found his passion for synchronizing light with sound at a local music venue. That night, he saw the crowd move in unison with the beat of the music, creating a mesmerizing visual display. That experience set him on a course to create the same kind of impact for his clients. He is now a successful business owner and devoted father.

Event Planning

Whether you want to help your clients through the entire planning process or just provide them with entertainment for their daddy/daughter event, it’s totally up to you. You can also enhance your events with wall UPLIGHTING and FUN PHOTO BOOTH RENTAL for an unforgettable experience that fathers and daughters will cherish forever.

A good starting point is to explore the Eventbrite community and find inspiration from other event creators in our extensive network. From there, you can use our tools to reach new audiences and create a once-in-a-lifetime event that father figures will never forget. For example, you might create a MATURE Rooftop Terrace All-Dayer in Bristol with ace comedy, DJs, and an enticing buffet to get your grownup guests dancing the night away.

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