A Heartfelt Comedy About Single Fatherhood

Fatherhood Movie Review

Fatherhood movie stars Kevin Hart as Matt Logelin, a man who becomes a single dad when his wife dies shortly after the birth of their daughter. The film also stars Lil Rel Howery, Anthony Carrigan, Melody Hurd, and DeWanda Wise.

The movie strikes a delicate balance between comedy and drama. Director Paul Weitz, who previously worked on About a Boy, successfully pulls off the genre blend with ease.

Based on a true story

In lesser hands, Fatherhood could have been a Lifetime-level dramedy. But writer and director Paul Weitz (American Pie, About A Boy) smartly avoids maudlin excess. Instead, he lets a little humor ease the way into moments of adversity. His cast carries the film with grace, especially young Melody Hurd as Maddy.

Matt Logelin (Hart) and his wife, Liz, are preparing to welcome their first child when she suffers complications from her pregnancy and dies of a pulmonary embolism. Their family and friends are quick to question Matt’s ability to raise their daughter alone, as if he would have the same doubts had his late wife been the one who passed away. This tonal shift makes the movie sometimes feel off. But Hart’s against-type performance helps ground it.

Starring Kevin Hart

In Fatherhood, Kevin Hart shows a different side of himself. He stars as Matt Logelin, a young man who finds himself raising his baby daughter Maddy after his wife dies following her delivery. Based on Logelin’s 2011 memoir, Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love, the film is both heartbreaking and uplifting.

Director Paul Weitz (“About a Boy”) and screenwriter Dana Stevens worked closely with Logelin to accurately portray his story. The film features a talented cast, including Frankie R. Faison, Lil Rel Howery, Melody Hurd, Anthony Carrigan, and Paul Reiser. Hart flexes some dramatic chops in this role and delivers a performance that will have you in tears. This is a must-see for all dads! This is the kind of film that deserves to be a hit.

Directed by Paul Weitz

Fatherhood, directed by Paul Weitz, is a surprisingly heartfelt comedy. Kevin Hart proves he’s more than just an over-the-top comedian. His performance as widowed dad Matt Logelin dealing with doubts, fears, and dirty diapers is touching and believable. He is backed up by an excellent supporting cast including Alfre Woodard as his mother-in-law, Anthony Carrigan as his bonehead best friend, and Lil Rey Howery as his love interest.

Dana Stevens’ screenplay allows for a great deal of humor but still manages to touch your emotions. This movie is a must-see for anyone who has experienced the joys and sorrows of parenthood. It is also a great film to watch with friends and family. It’s a powerful story about a man who learns to cope with loss through his relationship with his daughter.

Written by Weitz and Dana Stevens

Weitz’s script, based on Matthew Logelin’s memoir Two Kisses for Maddy: A Memoir of Loss and Love, is suffused with sincerity. It also features a solid cast of characters, including Lil Rel Howery, Frankie R. Faison, Anthony Carrigan, Melody Hurd, Paul Reiser, and more. While Fatherhood does adhere to a story template that’s been used in multiple films, the film’s honesty when it comes to painting the ups and downs of single parenting makes for a heartwarming ride.

This dramedy starring Kevin Hart is a welcome departure from his typical fare. Though it veers into sitcom territory at times, such as with montages of Matt’s diaper-changing mishaps and a major work presentation interrupted by a crying baby, it ultimately avoids the pitfalls of cloying contrivance.

Starring Alfre Woodard

The film tries to avoid the temptation of leaning too hard into sappy sentimentality. Its establishing shot of Maddy being brought to the same hospital where her mother died conveys the gravity of her situation with a simple visual parallel.

Directed and co-written by Paul Weitz (American Pie, About a Boy), Fatherhood stars Kevin Hart as Matt, a young up-and-coming tech engineer who becomes a widower when his wife, Liz, dies from a pulmonary embolism after delivering their daughter Maddy. As he navigates his new role as a single father, Matt gains strength and support from his extended family, including a wise and patient grandmother played by Alfre Woodard.

While the film could have easily fallen into stale dad jokes about diaper changes and spitting, Weitz and his cast handle these moments with grace. The movie also pleasantly surprises by touching viewers with its heartwarming message of familial unity and support.

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